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lucina will truly be in smash slaying the competition nintendo went straight for my neck on this one

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"real life doesnt have trigger warnings" imagine supermarkets taking all of the allergy warnings off of all of the foods and then being like "sorry sweetie, welcome to the real world (:" when everyone started going into anaphylactic shock

Or movies stop having previews or ratings and 5 year olds are crying in Quentin Tarantino movies and their parents are saying “time to grow up (:”

Excuse my rant

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if you think she can’t beat the shit out of you you’re 100% wrong
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Many fanboys lost their shit at the news of the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four movie. I understood some of the negative reaction, because Johnny has a sister who is white, and that wouldn’t make sense unless one of them is adopted. That’s a valid point that I actually agree with. Its when I started reading people say things like it was “forced political correctness” and how it was only done to score diversity points. They also used the excuse that he was traditionally white, so casting a black guy was offensive to the source material. So I ask people to look at the pic above, and ask yourselves, why the outrage now? 
SO when Hollywood casts whites in minority roles, its because they were the “best person for the job”, but when its the other way around, people cry “political correctness” or “reverse racism”. Look Hollywood has been whitewashing characters for decades, and continues to do it, so I was shocked at how pissed people got about this casting. I mean where was this outrage with the pic above? I doubt it was never on this level.
This reminds me of the way people reacted to The Hunger Games, when Rue wasn’t played by a white girl, even though she was described that way in the book!
"And most hauntingly, a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that, she’s very like Prim in size and demeanor."
I guess alot of people skipped that part, because look at some of  the disappointment, when the little girl that they all loved cared for, ended up not being a white girl like they pictured in their minds.

Christian Bale & the Australian Joel Edgerton on the set of their next movie, Exodus.

Now ask yourself, why do they have so much makeup on to make their skin darker? Well that’s because these two lily white  actors are playing Moses & Egyptian Pharoah Ramses in the new Exodus movie. I didn’t know that there were British people in ancient Egypt? Did they even audition any middle eastern actors? I just wonder why hasn’t this news received the same attention that the Human Torch casting had. Those two characters are much more known and cherished than Johnny Storm.
Also there is an upcoming movie called Gods of Egypt, which is set in ancient times. Guess how many actors of African decent are cast in this movie? One. ONE!! The movie is set in ANCIENT FREAKING EGYPT, the cast is dominated by actors like the Scottish actors Gerard Butler, the Australian Geoffrey Rush, and the Danish Nikolaj Coster-Walder. You can google all of those actors names, and I guarantee you they dont look like this.

 Its bad enough when people of color cant get roles in in regular American roles, but how the hell cant POC’s get roles in movies LITERALLY SET IN ANCIENT AFRICA!!! Its a damn shame when a movie can be set in Ancient Egypt, and still have an all white cast, with a token black guy. Why aren’t people pissed about this?
William Fichtner was been cast as The Shredder in TMNT, who has always been known as the Japanese ninja Oroku Saki, but in this new incarnation, he has been whitewashed to be Eric Sachs. Teh whole franchise is based off Japanese culture, and there are no Japanese people in the movie.
When Rooney Mara was cast as the Native American, Princess Tiger Lily in the new Peter Pan, the director used the excuse that they were “color blind casting” and that she was the “best person for the job.” Its convenient that these excuses only come up when its white actors that are getting cast in minority roles? 
Look I’m all for classic properties being as close as they can to the source material, but when there are changes like the color of a character’s skin, make sure you have the same outrage for the whitewashing, that you had for when someone is made into a minority.
Post edited: I removed The Mandarin from the photo, since Marvel has recently retconned that the “real Mandarin” is really out there, and is pissed that Killian & Trevor used his name. Also I removed Johnny Depp, since he happens to have some one drop of native blood. It still was a horrible portrayal.
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